23 NOV 2023 - 29 NOV 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and sustainability, the collaboration between Fipper, the renowned homegrown footwear brand, and Petron Malaysia, a leading Asian oil company, marks an exciting and forward-thinking venture. This partnership is set to unveil a unique collection of Slip-On and Flip-Flop footwear in October 2023, showcasing a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and Eco-consciousness.

The Essence of the Collaboration

Fipper, widely recognized for its commitment to crafting comfortable, eco-friendly, and stylish footwear, has joined forces with Petron Malaysia. At first glance, these two entities may seem worlds apart, but their collaboration represents a convergence of values and a shared dedication to making a positive impact to the environment. This venture embodies the spirit of innovation, as it seeks to redefine not only footwear but also consumer expectations regarding Eco-conscious products.

“When we first started this brand Fipper, petrol stations became our important distribution points. We are excited to unveil this collaboration with Petron Malaysia, which brings together our passion for footwear with Petron’s environmental philosophy ‘Protect our Environment Today for a Better Tomorrow’. The result is a collection that not only looks great but also aligns with the values of our environmentally conscious customers,” said Choong Jee Von, CEO of Fipper.

“At Petron, we are encouraged by the national agenda of supporting the local entrepreneurs. The collaboration with Fipper, a homegrown brand that has since expanded from Malaysia to international markets, signifies our support for the local economy goes beyond fuelling the nation. The Slip-On and Flip-Flop footwear under the Petron X Fipper collaboration are crafted in Petron’s brand signature colours – red and blue. It utilises sustainable materials in its production, showing our intention to increase the eco-consciousness level amongst our customers. Remember, it’s a matter of taking continuous small steps to improve our environment for our communities.” said Mr. Danny Chen, Marketing Manager of Petron Malaysia.

Since 2021, Petron Malaysia started the ‘Sapot Lokal’ campaign to boost local businesses by providing local entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their products, either by using the vast network of its service station’s Treats store or by collaborating in projects.

The Collection’s Unveiling

The Fipper X Petron collection is not merely a fashion statement; it is a testament to the power of sustainable collaboration. This range of Slip-On and Flip-Flop footwear is designed to meet the highest standards of quality with eco-friendly materials. Each pair of shoes in this collection is crafted with comfort as a top priority and offers a stylish solution for various occasions.

Key Features

Comfort and Style: Fipper X Petron footwear strikes a harmonious balance between comfort and style. These shoes are designed to seamlessly integrate into everyday life, whether for casual outings or more formal occasions. This combination of comfort and style contributes to their versatility, ensuring they become a staple in the modern wardrobe.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainability is at the core of this collaboration. Both Fipper and Petron have embraced eco-friendly materials in the production of this collection. By using sustainable materials, they minimize the environmental footprint of each pair of shoes, thereby aligning with the growing demand for Eco-conscious products.

Quality Assurance: Petron’s reputation for excellence extends to this collaboration, ensuring that every product in the collection meets the highest standards of quality. This commitment to quality not only enhances the consumer experience but also underscores the durability and longevity of the footwear, contributing to sustainable consumer choices.

Availability and Accessibility

Starting in November 2023, the Fipper X Petron Slip-On and Flip-Flop Collection will be available on Fipper and Petron’s Lazada Official Stores and Petron’s Shopee Official Store. Petron Miles Members can also redeem the collection using their points through the Petron Mobile App*. This strategic choice of retail locations ensures that consumers have convenient access to explore and try on these exceptional footwear options. Moreover, recognizing the importance of digital convenience, the collection will also be accessible through online platforms, providing an easy and efficient shopping experience for customers.

The Fipper X Petron collaboration transcends traditional boundaries, demonstrating that sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive. This venture signifies a commitment to reimagining fashion and consumer goods in a way that considers environmental impact and consumer preferences. It serves as a model for other industries, showing that even seemingly unrelated sectors can join forces to create products that cater to evolving consumer demands for sustainability without compromising on quality and style.

As we eagerly await the launch of this remarkable collection in October 2023, we witness the emergence of a new era in fashion where responsible collaboration paves the way for a more sustainable future. The Fipper X Petron collaboration not only promises exceptional footwear but also serves as a beacon of hope for a world where fashion and sustainability coexist harmoniously, setting a precedent for future collaborations in the pursuit of a greener, more fashionable world.