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Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40 API SN/CF

PETRON BLAZE RACING FULLY SYNTHETIC SAE 5W-40 with TS³ technology is a top-tier gasoline engine oil that provides excellent protection even under extreme driving conditions. It is recommended for use in modern, high performance gasoline engines.

Category: Engine Oils
What does engine oil do in an engine?

Lubricant protects the engine’s metal surfaces from friction and prevents wear that occurs
when the engine parts move against each other.

As a coolant, they absorb heat as it is circulated, thus cooling the engine and helping to prevent

As a sealant, they seal tiny space between the piston ring and the cylinder wall to prevent combustion
pressure or engine power from escaping.

As a detergent, they prevent contaminants resulting from combustion and impurities helping to keep
the engine clean.

What is engine oil made up of?

Engine oils are made up of two important ingredients – base oils and additives. These are carefully selected and skilfully blended to enable the oil to provide maximum engine protection. Base oils are made from crude oil which has undergone certain extraction processes and minor chemical restructuring in an oil. Additives are the “active ingredient” in engine oils. These additives must be replaced through regular oil changes.

How do I choose the right oil for my vehicle?

You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as indicated in your vehicle’s owner manual.

  1. Know your engine types: Petrol or Diesel Engine
  2. Oil type: Fully Synthetic, Synthetic Blend or Mineral
  3. Viscosity or SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) rating
  4. Ensure it has the right API (American Petroleum Institute) rating.
Does using the right engine oil have anything to do with engine life?

The single most important thing that you can do to get longer life from your engine is to change your engine oil and oil filter according to the recommended time intervals in your car manual book. This is a good maintenance practice. Engine oil that properly lubricates the engine system during the first few thousand kilometres can later become thick and even corrosive after long periods of use. It then cannot flow as required and may block the oil filter. This may cause engine damage and seizure in extreme cases. Draining off used oil, according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals also removes abrasive metal particles.

Can I add oil additive and/or engine treatment with Petron engine oil?

Petron does not recommend adding supplements. According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), “certified oils eliminate the need for supplemental engine oil additives.” The use of any oil supplement is not recommended by OEMs and it may void the new-car warranty.

How often should I change my oil?

Without analysis of the oil, it’s impossible to tell how quickly your motor oil becomes depleted. That’s why all automotive companies have a specific time and mileage intervals recommended for your vehicle. We strongly recommend that you follow the oil change frequencies shown in your owner’s manual. These recommendations vary by model year and manufacturer and are influenced by your driving habits, conditions and environments.

Can you mix different types of engine oil? For example, fully synthetic with semi-synthetic or a mineral? Is it going to cause a problem?

Typically mixing Petron synthetics and mineral oils will not cause any problems. The oils are compatible with each other, should it be necessary to mix them. However, the superior performance of a fully synthetic may not be fully optimised.

Can you go longer between oil changes if you use semi-synthetic or fully synthetic engine oil?

Always follow the oil drain interval recommended by the vehicle manufacturers (OEM). In general, fully synthetic engine oils will last longer than synthetic blend engine oils. Synthetic blend engine oils will last longer than mineral engine oils.

Do I need to flush my engine before switching to another engine oil?

No special requirement or flushing is necessary when switching from other engine oil.

What are the different ranges of Engine Oils Petron offers?

Petron Lubricants offer a wide range of products catering to passenger vehicle lubricants, commercial vehicle lubricants and industrial lubricants such as

  • Passenger Vehicle Lubricants – Blaze Racing series, Rider 4T series
  • Commercial Vehicle Lubricants – Rev-X series
  • Industrial Lubricants – Hydrotur AW series (hydraulic oil), Hypex EP series (gear oil), Petromar series (marine oil), Petron Grease, etc.
How do I read the label on a pack of Petron Engine Oils?

Here are some key items to look for on the engine oil labels and to consider before your purchase:

  • Engine types: Petrol/Diesel/ Motorcycle Engine
  • Viscosity or SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) rating : eg: SAE 15W-40
  • Ensure it has the right API (American Petroleum Institute) rating eg: API SN/CF
  • Oil type: Fully Synthetic, Synthetic Blend or Mineral
  • Product Description- brief description of the product
  • Product Highlight – benefits of the engine oil
  • Product Specification- includes the API, ACEA, OEM, etc certifications
  • Supplier Information – Petron contact information
Where can I purchase genuine Petron Engine Oils?

Consumers can buy Petron Engine oils at Petron service stations. In addition, Petron engine oil products are also sold by our distributors nationwide, supported workshops and through the selected Car Care Service Center outlets. Our products are also available on Shopee online store.

How can I verify that the Petron Engine Oil products I purchased are genuine?

Purchasing engine oils through Petron Authorized Distributors/Workshops, Petron Service stations and Petron official e-commerce store in Shopee guarantees the products are genuine.