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Petron Fleet Card

Petron Fleet Card gives customers the flexibility and security to help manage the fuel expenditure and performance of their fleet.

Our network of over 560 Petron, Esso, and Mobil service stations nationwide are ready to serve you with the convenience of a fully computerized payment system. 

  • Absolute convenience and ease

    With our Fleet Card, you can make payments electronically and eliminate the hassle of dealing with cash transactions. In addition, through our computerised system, every purchase you make can now be accurately tracked to control fuel expenditure.

    We also bring you the ease of managing your account online with e-Business, where you can view your fleet expenditure anytime, anywhere. You will also be able to report lost or stolen cards and cancel them online.

    With e-Invoicing, you get direct access to your invoices from the past 6 months online and you will receive an email notification once a new invoice is ready to be viewed.

    Another convenient service that is provided with our Fleet Card is Direct Debit. You can now set up payments to be automatically deducted from your account each month and do away with long queues, late payments and missed deadlines. 

  • More flexibility for greater control

    Our system allows you to limit the purchase amount for each card per day and per month. You may also limit the type of fuel each card may purchase. This will give you complete control over fuel costs and protect you against fraud or abuse of the cards. In addition, without the need for cash transactions, you will find that there is less paperwork, less worry, and greater control over finances.

    To help you keep track of your fleet’s performance, you will receive an optional vehicle performance report which details useful information such as the exact time and date of every Fleet Card transaction, including the type, amount and price of the fuel that was purchased. If the odometer reading is entered every time the Fleet Card is used, your report will also reflect the fuel efficiency of each vehicle.

  • Reliable security and peace of mind

    Rest assured, our Fleet Card comes with an advanced security system that is designed to give you peace of mind. Each Fleet Card is protected with a mandatory Personal Identification Number (PIN) that prevents unauthorised usage.

  • Dual Card Function

    For added protection, we provide a Dual Card Function at your request. With this service you get a driver card along with a vehicle card, where both cards have to be swiped before a purchase can be made. Every transaction is recorded electronically, so you may also track each purchase to the specific driver and vehicle.

    Among other benefits of a Dual Card Function include eliminating the need for sharing PIN numbers among your drivers, making them more accountable for the purchases they make.

    Overall, Dual Card Function gives you better control over your drivers. 

  • Enjoy great rewards with Smiles Points

    All of your purchases that are made through our Fleet Card will earn you Smiles Points*. Use your Smiles Loyalty Card to redeem for mart items** or non-mart items*** from our service stations to keep you going when you are on the road. 

    You can also choose to redeem a wide range of attractive rewards from our exclusive Smiles Driver Rewards Guide to enjoy even more savings.

    On top of it all, your Smiles Points will not expire****.

    * Only eligible for customers who signed up for the Smiles Driver Rewards Programme. Smiles Points will be credited to your Smiles card upon full and prompt payment.

    ** Excluding tobacco and e-pay services.

    *** Excluding car wash and other on-site services.

    **** Terms and conditions apply.

  • Dedicated service and support

    We provide an exclusive service hotline that is dedicated to Fleet Card customers only.

    Toll free customer service hotline: 1-800-88-8298

    Fax: +603-8318-4559


    Available from Mondays to Fridays (8am to 6pm)

  • Apply Now!

    Register and take control of your fleet today! 

    Call us at 1-800-88-8298 for more information or to register.

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