19 SEP - 25 SEP 2020

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Our employees are our brand ambassadors and our most valued assets. As we continue to expand our business, we are seeking for fresh talents and high performing individuals who share our core values, who are dynamic and innovative, with the drive to make a difference and are fuelled to succeed.

Job Opportunities

Instrument Technician, Refinery

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Performs instrumentation, communication equipment, analysers and electronic equipment and related maintenance (both preventive and routine), repair, installation and construction work including testing and calibration under guidance/ supervision from Instrument Senior Technician I/ Supervisor.
  • Troubleshooting of instrumentation failures/problems and process power systems control problems.
  • Writes reports on instrumentation repair/troubleshooting or system control problem work performed as assigned by the supervisor, keeps/maintains update records on instrumentation maintenance or repair work done and records daily work in the Instrument Workshop.
  • Carries out other Instrument/Electrical/Electronic related work or other related duties as the supervisor may assign from time to time.
  • Assists and participates in practical, theoretical & troubleshooting work in instrumentation, control electronic and safety when directed by the supervisor.
  • Assists the supervisor in daily work planning and schedule such as observing safety rules and regulations and sees that such rules and regulations are observed by personnel/ contractor directed, ensures that the work place is safe and utilizes and operates safety apparatus required, maintains good housekeeping in work areas and participates in all Company safety programs.
  • Operates pick-up trucks to carry out maintenance of repair work when necessary in safe and orderly manner and housekeeping of the said equipment/vehicle after use.
  • Obtains and utilizes tools from workshop storage places, required for the work being performed & Ensures the safekeeping and good working condition of all tools used and returned to the place from where they are stored.
  • Obtains material spares from the warehouse for maintenance or repair work as per Warehouse Issuing Procedures, repairs the replaced parts, informs the supervisor in writing of out-of-stock spares and recommends not-in-stock spares frequently required for the job.
  • Directs contractor personnel as and when they are assigned.
  • Carries out responsibilities of Senior Technician I (Instrument/Electrical) during Senior Technician I’s absence from work as directed.
  • Leads groups of other personnel (including contract personnel) performing instrument and related works of function assigned.


  • Diploma in Instrument/Electronics or related field
  • Minimum 3-5 years’ related experience
  • Strong background in electronics
  • Willing to be based at Port Dickson Refinery
Rotary Technician, Refinery

Roles & Responsibilities:

  •  Responsible for performing preventive and corrective maintenance activities for rotating and other equipment
  • Works in compliance to safety requirements and procedures to ensure the availability and integrity of the installed equipment and systems as needed for safe and reliable operations
  • Executes mechanical repair work such as replacements, alignments including overhauling on all type rotating equipment
  • Conducts regular inspection and testing procedures and carry out necessary follow-up actions required
  • Troubleshoots system and control issues
  • Assists in daily work planning and schedule
  • Operates and house-keeps required equipment according to safety requirements


  •  Preferably 2­-3 years’ experience in Rotating Equipment service & maintenance
  • Minimum Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • Familiar with handling precision tools such as caliper and micrometers
  • Possess good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Any vocational qualification is an advantage
  • Willing to be based in Port Dickson Refinery
Metal Job Leader, Refinery

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Possessed good knowledge in mechanical related work eg. welding, pipe installation, fixed equipment, crane lifting, confined space, QA/QC
  • Familiar with Maintenance & Repair (M&R) and shutdown total scope of work
  • Working closely with the Maintenance and Construction organizations to drive alignment and foster an effective working relationship between the Business Team, the Mechanical Function and the Engineering organization
  • Jointly prepares with contractors or reviews Job Safety Analysis (JSA) prepared by contractors for all work to be performed prior to further review/sign-off by incumbent’s supervisor
  • Signs & “own” the execution work as project/maintenance work permit recipient/work performer before contractors’ sign/receive the work permit. Job includes conducting safety talk and filling up handover forms
  • Ensures the Work Permit procedures/requirements are fully followed / complied by contractors
  • Attend or review contractors’ site Tool-Box-Talk for non-critical/lower risk work during routine rounds/visits and signs off the attendance record
  • Signs off all critical work checklists (e.g. crane lifting, OPE, etc.) required to be checked by Project/Maintenance Job Leader before allowing work to proceed
  • Observes all safety rules and regulations and ensure the contractors perform their work according to SOC (Safe-Operating-Committee)
  • Monitors and reports progress of site work. Detail daily report to be send to respective department
  • Monitors work quality of contractors and reports any non-compliance of quality standards. Adhere to the Job QA/QC & handover process


  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • 5 – 10 years’ experience in Petrochemical industry with strong technical and analytical competency in fixed equipment
  • Experience in Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up of process unit is an advantage
  • Experience in project construction work, plant shutdown & turnaround is an advantage
  • Good planning, supervisory, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Ability to work independently and manage multiple activities and people
  • Possess good command of English
  • Willing to be based at Petron Port Dickson Refinery
Analyzer Technician, Refinery

Roles & Responsibilities:

Reliability Engineering Section

  • Perform maintenance, calibration & troubleshooting for refinery process analyser
    • Site maintenance task for analyser including analyser validation test
    • Troubleshooting if have any analyser failure, including on-call basis
  • Identify required spare part and retrofit work for process analyser
    • Advise any needed spare parts and quantity based on site experiences
    • Modification and retrofit on existing process analyser system for analyser continuity operation or improvement
  • Support and advise analyser engineer regarding process analyser (equipment improvement, new technology and maintenance task)

Lab Section

  • Support on troubleshooting, repair and advise for lab equipment (faulty and new installation unit)
  • Doing correlation study between lab equipment and online analyzers


  • Diploma in Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical & Electronics or any related field
  • 3-5 years’ experience in Petrochemical industry
  • Possess good command of English
  • Willing to be based at Port Dickson Refinery
Laboratory Technician, Refinery

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Perform lab tests required to maintain quality of process streams, finished products, and discharged wastes
  • Ensure all data are accurate and details of all tests are recorded and retained
  • Compare test results against targets, norms, and/or specifications and liaise with the appropriate personnel accordingly
  • Prepare and standardize all necessary reagents in accordance with specified methods
  • Prepare quality reports and maintain records of all test results
  • Prepare summary reports on non-routine samples, test cross-check programs and report on minor technical experiments to troubleshoot plant problems
  • Maintain and calibrate laboratory equipment to ensure they are in good and accurate operating condition
  • Maintain equipment/test under statistical control through SQC (Statistical Quality Control Systems for Historical Data)
  • Maintain lab inventory and lab procurement system
  • Observe safety rules and good housekeeping practices; conduct safety talk
  • Carry-out basic troubleshooting and calibration of lab testing equipment


  • Diploma in Technical related
  • Preferably 1-2 years’ experience in Laboratory related work
  • Possess good communication skills with good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Willing to work on shift cycle
  • Willing to be based at Port Dickson Refinery

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Recruitment Scam Notice

Please be aware that there have been numerous recruitment scams and fraudulent communications from organisations or individuals, purporting to act on behalf of Petron Malaysia and its subsidiaries in Malaysia, on false employment opportunities that have been circulating in emails, websites and printed materials.

Please note that all employment offers from Petron Malaysia and its subsidiaries in Malaysia are carried out officially and candidates are required to undergo a formal recruitment process. Petron Malaysia does not engage any recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates an advance payment, fees or charges (e.g., placement fees, immigration processing fees, etc.) in the course of recruitment.

If you receive any communications that are doubtful in nature or request for personal and financial details, do not respond to the email as this may lead to cases of identity theft. We advise all job seekers who wish to join Petron in Malaysia to check for available positions that are advertised here in our official website or website of legitimate recruitment agencies and periodic advertisements in the newspapers.

Alternatively, you could direct your enquiry or interest of employment to our Human Resource Department at career@petron.com.my.